I have the experience necessary to make the most of your marketing budget, regardless of its size.

I most recently stepped back from running the Gunnison Valley’s paid tourism marketing effort. As the marketing director, I managed the team that spearheaded significant and consistent year-over-year growth in lodging revenues in the Gunnison Valley between 2015 and 2019, nearly doubling lodging revenues during that period. I stepped back from that role to take some time off and have my son. Now that he’s older, I’m excited to get back to the work I love: helping small businesses and non-profits build better relationships with their customers and stakeholders through excellent content.

start building better relationships now

More, longer words don’t always translate to better sales. A stronger brand identity and deeper relationships with your customers and supporters do.  I can work with you and your team to write copy that will resonate with your target audience and help you convert more customers or donors. 

My process involves first getting to know you and your brand. Why are you special? What’s your value proposition? Who are your competitors and what sets you apart? Then, I spend some time researching your customers or stakeholders. Who are they? What are their interests? Where do they get information? Why are you the right fit for them? From there, I can develop a voice and tone for your brand and write actionable content that will lead to conversions. If you’ve already done that foundational brand work, great. I can adopt your existing brand voice and quickly turn around copy that satisfies your needs.

When I work with a client over time, I look for patterns in the engagement with content I create for you. What delivers the best results? A former colleague used to always challenge me to figure out what triggered a huge response in a campaign and then “keep pushing that button.” This is something I always keep front of mind while writing for clients.

My specialties include website copy, blog content, email newsletters, and fundraising appeals. To view some specific projects I’ve worked on, head over to “my work” and check it out.

My high school English teacher would probably be shocked at my current career. I was not one of his most talented writers, but I have always loved books and reading. I credit my college thesis advisor for really teaching me to write. Drafts of chapters would come back covered in red ink. He was a stickler for always having a strong topic sentence for every paragraph. After college, I taught fourth grade for two years. It turns out that is the year you learn all the grammar rules you really need to learn in life. Later, my first job in the non-profit sector included serving as the final set of eyes on all major donor communications and I was terrified of missing a single error. Those experiences combined to make me an obsessive editor.

I’ve been honing my editing skills for over 15 years now. I’d love to put them to use on your behalf. Email me to discuss my editing services.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve successfully submitted applications and received awards for grants totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars from Gunnison County entities as well as the state of Colorado. During that time, I also established a grant program to support local event and tourism marketing for the Tourism and Prosperity Partnership (formerly the Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association) and led the grant committee. As a result, I’ve seen both sides of the process, as a grant recipient and an evaluator. Let me put my unique perspective to work on your behalf.

Whether you need someone to conceptualize, write, and apply for a grant or if you’re looking for someone with experience to do final editing before it is submitted, I’m happy to help you increase your grant funding. For select clients, I can also project manage the grant and prepare final reporting.

If you are interested in any of my services, please contact me via email. I’m happy to learn more about you and tailor a proposal specifically to address your needs.