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A former colleague of mine used to always refer to me as “such an English major” when I helped edit his writing.

While it wasn’t true, I did appreciate the compliment. I pointed out to him that I was actually a history major. Reflecting back on my college years, the line between a history major and an English major is extremely fine. It’s not the quantity of reading and writing; it’s the genre. I was reading and writing exclusively non-fiction. That positions me extremely well to write for your business.

The best marketing copy tells the truth about your product and is tailored to resonate with your audience.

It highlights why what you offer is unique and distinguishes you from your competition. Distilling the truth of what happened in the past and communicating it succinctly is what I trained to do in college. That training has proved invaluable in my career since, even though I didn’t pursue a doctorate and a position as a historian. Over the last decade, I have honed my skills at distilling core truths about businesses and non-profits and communicating them with their customers and supporters. I’m efficient and effective at what I do and look forward to the opportunity to learn about your business or organization and use that knowledge to help you grow.

Laurel Runcie


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I am a fierce advocate for small businesses and public-private partnerships.

I believe we all have a duty to give back to our community. I am a non-profit volunteer and supporter. I love to mountain bike, hike, ski, and spend time with my family. I am always reading something and love my local bookstore enough that it is a danger to my family’s budget. I love to bake, cook, and preserve (canning, fermentation), but I’m an absolutely terrible gardener, something to which my neighbors can all attest.

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